Day in the Life Interview with Pontus Hugosson

 Day in The Life Interview with Pontus Hugosson.

Hi Guys! I was looking around the world wide web for a light hearted interview for! I came across Pontus Hugosson from Sweden on Instagram..

This man has 118,000 followers on Instagram. He does funny videos of the Equestrian world(I have posted a couple on our social media).

He is an event rider and you can follow him there at

*Tell us about your family and how you started riding?

I come from a horse family. My father was a eventing rider who competed in European and World Championships. My mother also competed on medium level. I have two brothers and I am the youngest. They are not riders. When I was young I did not ride much except when I was helping the grooms or was at riding camps. I did not start ride daily until I was 12 years old. Back then I only competed in Showjumping. It took until I was 19 years old that I went over to Eventing.

*Tell us about your Day In The Life:

My daily life often looks very different from day to day. I have 5-6 horses in training so half of the day often goes to that. The rest of the day goes to work. On the farm, trainings or create videos. I hope to be able to spend more time creating videos in the future. Especially on Youtube.

*Tell us about your horses:

 My horses are aged between 6-12 and most of them on level 2* to 4*. I think they are promising and look forward to the future with them.

*Tell us about one of your mentors in the horse world:

 Göran “Yogi” Breisner. Former Chef d’Equipe to British Eventing-team and now advisor to the Swedish Equestrian team’s. Yogi is brilliant, unfortunately he lives in England so the opportunity to train is not too many in a year. But he is always helpful with advice if I need it.

*When did you start making funny Equestrian videos?

We have always come up with fun stuff here on the farm. But I think I first started to film it back in 2015 for Instagram. Today I make most videos for Youtube. But sometimes it happens that I also do some sketches or other fun for Instagram.

His YouTube chanel is Pontus Hugosson

Thank you so much for the interview!

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