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Recognizing the limitations of Facebook and the existing sales sites and apps, Deb and Alix have put their knowledge and experience together to create the most focused, easy-to-use and effective horse sales platform available. We know what busy sellers and buyers need to showcase their horses, find horses, and communicate quickly and easily. We hope you enjoy using Horses 4 Your Consideration and are successful in connecting with the right horses and buyers!

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Owner of Transitions Farm in Oxford PA

About Debbie

Debbie Morrison has been running the successful Horses 4 Your Consideration equine showcase sales page on Facebook since 2012. With its loyal members worldwide, Debbie helped facilitate the sale of thousands of quality horses.

Through the management of the platform and standards. Debbie owns Transitions Farm In Oxford PA. She is an accomplished FEI dressage rider and USDF L Graduate, who has been breeding, buying, selling, training, and showing her entire professional life. Debbie’s direct email is transfarm@zoominternet.net

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About Alix

Alix is CEO of Nielsen-Kellerman www.nkhome.com, an international consumer technology company. Alix has deep experience in creating products for demanding customers, including apps and online services. Alix is also a determined amateur dressage competitor with her USDF Bronze and Silver Medals and Silver Freestyle Bar.

Alix is working on continuing up the FEI levels with her Lusitano Virote and also developing her Lusitano WB cross Hotte IGE – both imported from Portugal. Over 30 years of horse ownership, Alix has bought and sold more than a few horses and is very familiar with the challenges of searching for horses using the current fragmented systems. Alix lives in southeastern Pennsylvania with her husband, son, two dogs and two cats.

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CEO of Nielsen-Kellerman