Is Horses 4 Your Consideration responsible for the accuracy of listings?

DISCLAIMER: Horses 4 Your Consideration (‘H4YC’) cannot guarantee the accuracy of any listing on the H4YC site. We have no firsthand knowledge of any of the horses or sellers. We also do not participate in any way in sales transactions resulting from site listings, and are not liable for any damages resulting from transactions resulting from or relating to any listing on the H4YC site. All transactions resulting from connections made on H4YC are exclusively between Buyer and Seller. We request that all Sellers make every effort to provide accurate and fair information regarding the horse or horses they list, and recommend that all Buyers apply normal standards of care in evaluating a horse for potential purchase and entering into a financial transaction relating to a horse listed on H4YC. For more information, please review our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.


You may make an account, browse listings, save your favorite horses to your barn, and chat with sellers, for free, forever. We charge for listing horses for sale and advertising your equine business. Our rates for horse listings are very reasonable and we offer various levels depending on whether you are selling one horse or multiple.

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Horses 4YC is purely a showcase and advertising platform. We do not participate in any way in the actual sales transactions resulting from Horses 4YC. Horses 4YC and its founders are not liable in any wayfor any damages resulting from a transaction originating from information found on Horses 4YC. We request that Sellers do their utmost to fairly represent horses listed on Horses 4YC and recommend that Buyers use commercially reasonable means to evaluate a horse for purchase.

For more information, see our Terms and Conditions.

You can upload up to ten pictures per ad from your computer or phone. Your first picture shown will be your listing’s featured gallery photo. Simply drag and drop the pictures to change the order.

Your barn is your list of favorite horses to return to. After you have saved a horse in your barn, you can keep it there as long as you like to have a place to go back and read about it, and from there, you have the ability to contact the owner through your private chat. If you no longer are interested in a particular horse, it can be deleted out of your barn by swiping left on your mobile device or by clicking the “Remove from Barn” button at the bottom of the ad.

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Horses4YC is designed to protect sellers’ personal information. To contact the seller you must create a FREE user account and log in. From there, add the horse to your barn. You will then be able to see the seller’s contact information and send them a private message through the H4YC Chat function.

Yes! There is no charge to chat, and you will receive email notifications of chat messages sent. You MUST log into H4YC to continue the conversation!

The H4YC Chat environment is designed to allow sellers and buyers to control their communication preferences by blocking, or unblocking a particular person.

The H4YC Chat environment is designed to allow sellers and buyers to control their communication preferences by blocking, or unblocking, a particular person. If you can no longer chat with a person, they may have chosen to block your communications. Horses 4YC respects the wishes of its users in this regard.

At present, it is only possible to purchase one monthly listing at a time. If you wish to list more than one horse, or a horse and a business, a quarterly or annual subscription offers great flexibility and the most affordable pricing. You may publish multiple listings and remove and replace listings whenever needed. We are working to create more subscription options to offer in the future.

A personal profile with two pictures is FREE for every Horses 4 Your Consideration member. This is a great way to introduce yourself as a seller to potential buyers. It’s also useful for buyers to provide information to sellers to help guide good horse matches – the goal of Horses 4YC! Business listings are FREE with either an annual or quarterly subscription. Business listings are much more in depth allowing for 10 pictures and map search. Take advantage of this affordable publicity for your equine business!