Day in the Life Interview with H4YC Sponsored riders Hannah Salazar and Chris Talley

Hey everybody! I want to introduce to you our Sponsored Riders at
Hannah Salazar and Chris Talley! Read below about the Day In The Life at Zaragoza Acres, get on the website and check out the stallions, contact them about training, and definitely go horse shopping! Welcome Hannah and Chris we are super excited to have you on board!
Zaragoza Acres
Jeffersonton, VA 540-379-0555
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*Our day in the life:
A day at Zaragoza Acres can be intensely busy and it can also be wonderfully quiet in the off season. We generally run about seven days a week during the show season. On the weekends when we aren’t at a show we try to keep Sundays as a light day when possible. The mornings start with barn chores, getting everyone fed and brought in, turning out the stallions, and checking on everyone. After morning chores are taken care of we start working with the performance horses and move on to the young developing horses. Chris and I have about 15 to18 horses in our training program and with the help of our talented working student we tailor to their needs and schedule accordingly. Our program is unusual in that we have the breeding program, young horse development as well as high performance horses and sales; so there is always something to keep everyone busy! In the afternoon and evening Chris and I teach our scheduled lessons, while the afternoon barn chores are being done and the farm is being prepared for the following day. Time in the office, scheduling the next day and managing our social media generally gets finished up in the evening once the barn has been finished. During breeding and foaling season our days are a little longer with managing the stallions and foal watch. Spring is probably the busiest time of year for us!
When we’re not working, we all enjoy a day or so at the beach, but that doesn’t happen too often! Luckily loving what we do makes not getting away too often okay with us.
Favorite show:
*Hannah: My favorite dressage show would have to be Dressage at Devon. It has been a stage for world-class dressage competition and has served as the home to the world’s largest open breed show. Dressage at Devon is truly an iconic show that I look forward to competing at each and every year. The Event at Rebecca Farms would be my favorite event. Rebecca Farms, located in Kalispell, Montana, is expertly run on beautiful grounds with a spectacular atmosphere. It feels like you are in the most beautiful place on earth.
*Chris: I have to say I have two favorite events. For me Burghley was one of the most incredible events. To compete at an event of that caliber was truly unforgettable, but also to see how people do things differently, both in the equestrian life and normal daily life, in a different part of the world is something that was really neat.
I also believe The Event at Rebecca Farms is one of the most breathtaking places I have ever been to. Hannah and I decided to transport the horses there ourselves, so to drive across the country was an incredible experience in itself.


*Tip for advertising horses: When advertising horses we like to be as honest as we can to ensure we are setting each horse and potential buyer up to be the best possible match in order to optimize the perfect partnership and success. It is also important to use multiple platforms, photos and videos to advertise s*le horses.

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