Day in the Life Interview with Genay Vaughn

Hey everyone. I had the chance to send International Dressage rider Genay Vaughn our “Day In The Life” questions(+ extra questions). I admired her riding at global on Helgstrand’s horses, she is larger then life on her social media post, comes from a family of professional athletes. If you live near her, check her out, she is one hard working women….enjoy!
*name : Genay Vaughn
*business name : Starr Vaughn Equestrian
*location Elk Grove, CA
*email/phone number 916-690-6418 or
* “A Day in the Life”
Any day can range from 10- 13 horses
Some days I ride all of them and other days I teach the clients on their horse or my business partner and mom will teach or ride as well. It depends on the day but it can be a mix of everything riding and coaching !
I’m lucky to have my mom who takes over clients when I go to Florida and rides and teaches on a daily basis! Every great program needs a team!
After riding is done I usually go tend to the horses who aren’t in the riding program, brood mares, retired horses, yearlings, and now this years babies! Since it’s breeding season some days include a visit from the vet to breed or check the mares to see if they’re in foal and that’s been a really exciting process to be involved in!

*who inspired you when you started out?
My mom of course because she introduced me to riding and got me my first pony but also when I was really young I loved
Anky Van Grunsven. My mom had a picture of her riding Bonfire in our tack room and after that I wanted to be just like her.
Now that I’m older I would say my riding idol is Isabell Werth. I really admire her ability to continue to bring horses up the pipeline to Grand Prix! After all of these years she’s still the one to beat and to me this shows that she’s a true competitor who obviously has an unbelievable work ethic which is very inspiring.

*what do you do when you are not working?
After riding I always try to get a work out in at least 4 or 5 times a week. Because it’s only fair that if my horses have to train, I also need to be in the best possible shape like any top athlete.

My family is very important to me so I definitely make sure I get to spend time with them.
One of my favorite things is to go dancing or just hangout with friends ! I have a passion for traveling but I usually only get to travel if it somehow also involves horses like competitions or horse shopping ? haha

*where do you see yourself in the next 20 years?
Hopefully as a very successful and accomplished rider who’s known for bringing horses up the levels to Grand Prix ! The ultimate goal would be representing the US on a Team one day !

*favorite horse you have ridden
My Stallion Donarweiss ggf also known as DW!
He really helped shape me into the rider I am today ! He has a heart of Gold and I rode my first Grand Prix on him when I was only 19. He fulfilled my dream of representing the US in the U25 Grand Prix Division in Nation Cups in Europe. I really owe him everything.

*horse you would love to ride and why?
Totilas when he was under Edward Gal
I can only imagine what that horse felt like to ride. He looked so on the aids and electric. I really think he was one of a kind and it would be a dream to get to sit on him.

*coffee or tea?
Coffee definitely lots and lots of Coffee haha

*vanilla or chocolate ice cream?
Hmmm… swirl ? Why not both then you can have the best of both worlds haha

* personal tip on advertising horses for sale
Really keep it short and concise
Choose only 2 or 3 great pictures ! One with no rider and 2 others under saddle. Dont upload 20 photos
Also a short video showing all 3 gaits and movements that the horse does best.
I’ve noticed people are busy and don’t want to watch a 10 minute video. The best thing to do is draw someone in. If someone is interested they can always ask for more footage or to see specific things, but first get there attention and draw them in with the things the horse does best!
Thank you Genay!??

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