Hello! We have an interview with Micha Knoll from MRK Dressage LLC in Welling Florida. He is also a realtor, so if you are looking for that special farm his contact information is below. Enjoy!

When did you start riding?

I started riding when I was 6yo, first a couple of years at a riding school and when I was 10yo I got my first pony named Genius. I did some jumping and dressage with her. After that I got a beautiful pony Avanti and did the Dutch trials for the European Pony Dressage Championships. When I was 13yo I got my first horse Duncan. We bought him as a dressage horse but pretty soon we found out he was a better jumper. When I was 15yo I did my first 1m40 and I was selected for the Dutch Junior jumping squad. I did multiple international junior jumping shows all over Europe.
My first horse Duncan and Excilio. Dutch Junior Championship 1992
My best jumping horse Eurolux Uddel 1993.
Micha and Texas
Micha and Texas
When and why did you move to the USA?
I moved to USA in 2016. I took a sabbatical from my banking job because I had a dream.
See how I started Micha‘s Dressage Dream
I did my sabbatical in the winter of 2015/2016 with Dutch trainer Eline Eckroth on the beautiful farm Crane Hill Farm owned by Connie Wish in Ocala FL. Eline’s clients bought 2 horses in Holland who I sourced and in 4 shows I got my Silver and Gold USDF medals. Forever grateful for their hospitality, generosity and help. At the end of my 4 months sabbatical, I met my now husband, Ryan Bell. After a couple of months dating, we started our business MRK Dressage in Madison GA.
MRK Dressage LLC is located in Wellington FL. What services do you offer?
In early 2018 we moved to Wellington FL because I really like to focus on buying horses in Europe and sell them in the USA. Wellington is the place to be for that business model. Together with Monaco Sport Horses owned by Young Rider Christian Simonson and his mom Christina Morgan we have a boutique sales barn. We source quality horses for Junior, Young Riders and AA who we buy ourselves, bring them over, train them, show them and find the perfect match for the horse. I also go on buying trips to Europe with American clients. For example, I found Christian Simonson’s horse, Son of a Lady, who he showed really successful this summer in Europe. Recently I sold a Dutch GP horse to an amazing Olympic rider, and I am super proud of that. We also give lessons, take training horses and consignment sales horses.
Micha, Dexter, and Ryan
Micha, Dexter, and Ryan
You are also a Realtor for Engel & Volkers in Wellington. When did you start working for them? How is the housing market in Wellington?
During the COVID quarantine early 2020 I got my real estate license and signed with Engel & Volkers in Wellington FL. I love the process to help clients to find a house or sell their house. I did mortgage advising for 15 years in Holland and the process of buying or selling a horse or a house is really similar. People making big decisions and spending a lot of money. It’s exciting to be part of those big life changing events.
The housing market is a little bit slower than last year. The main reason is in my opinion the rising mortgage interest rates but take a look at
What is a typical workday like for you?
I am an early bird. Waking up around 5am. I call it Micha time lol. I normally start my day with my emails, text and WhatsApp messages from Holland because we are always looking for horses for ourselves or clients. Around 8/9 am I go to the barn and ride our horses and after that I give my lessons to clients. In the afternoon I work on our social media posts, marketing tools and my real estate clients. Almost every day there is a horse deal or real estate deal that will need my attention. I really like the diversity of my current work and projects.
Micha walking away from his banking job. Photo: Diane Bloemendal
Micha walking away from his banking job. Photo: Diane Bloemendal
What are your 3 most important attributes to picking out a horse to resell?

            1. Safety of the horse

            2. Training / rideability

            3. Is it my type of horse? Can I make it better? 
 What do you do on your days off?
Days off ??? Just kidding, I really like to hang out with friends. Just have fun and enjoy life to recharge to do another week of hard work.
You can Reach Micha at:
 (352) 233 7301 or mrkdressage@gmail.com
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