Interview with Boy de Winter from Music-Motions(Musical Freestyles)

Music-Motions Studio in the Netherlands

Music-Motions Studio in the Netherlands

Hi Guys. Meet Boy de Winter from Music-Motions in the Netherlands. He composes Musical Freestyles for Riders all over the WORLD(and for some famous riders as well)! Read about his background and his company below. And more information on the really awesome clinic he will be giving at Kim Herslow’s farm in NJ September 25/26, 2021 with Linda Zang. Go check it out and audit, talk to Boy, and possible get a freestyle composed!

Where are you located? In Mill the Netherlands.

Do you ride? I did in my youth. (As a hobby)

How did you get into the business of creating musical freestyles? (As formal Tophatter I saw thousands of Freestyles) I am already, for 35 years, an International DJ and musician so…. I toughed that I can make some very nice pieces for my clients.

A Dutch Singer that sang in a freestyle
A Dutch Singer that sang in a freestyle

Who are some of your customers?
From Liechtenstein Léonie Guerra, From Germany Fredrick Wanders and Lisa Müller and Victoria Michalke and Matthias Bouten
From Swiss: Marcela Krinke Susmelj
From Austria: Timna Zach
Denmark: Anne Mette Strandby and Andreas Helgstrand
From Japan: Massanao Takahashi
And many many more

1 of Music-Motions Studio's in Germany
1 of Music-Motions Studio’s in Germany

If you are located in (Mill the Netherlands) do you help equestrians all over the world? Yes for EVERY LEVEL from every Country 

Tell us the process of putting a musical freestyle together?
First we talk about the choreography. Then we talk what instruments the costumers likes. Then we decide in which genre we are going to compose. Then we get a video delivered and we start composing.
First we make the entrance.
Send this tiny bit off music together with the video to the client.
If we receive the green light, we continue with the first minute.
We wait for the green light.
then the second, third and so on.

Do the customers pick the music or do you?
Both is possible. The costumers are the one that have to ride it so HE/SHE MUST LOVE IT!

A guitar player that played live in Music-Motions Studio for a freestyle
A guitar player that played live in Music-Motions Studio for a freestyle

What inspires you? OH so many things, It can be a musical a movie a song on the radio or just together with one of my composers….

You will be in the USA giving a clinic at Kim Herslow’s farm in NJ, September 25-26, 2021.

Tell us how the clinic will be run for 2 days with you and Linda Zang at Kim’s in NJ:
I’ll tell everybody the don’ts and the do’s about picking the right style and the right music.
And show also WHY this works and that doesn’t.
I will have some riders live in the arena and we will listen do several different music pieces on the same gaits….just to show the differences.
I will take every body with me in to our ”kitchen” we will have a live stream with one of my composers. And we can see REALY LIVE into one of our projects HOW we create those.
I will try to have a “mystery guests (rider) as speaker) also Live presentation online. So everybody can ask questions to him or her.
I will talk about a rule change that is coming up (about using music in the sport world)
The whole time Linda Zang will be there to tell what the Judge’s like and how to perform it the best way.
SO very much to talk about and the see and also to experience!

The second day(9/26) Linda will be giving a riding clinic and I will interrupt about the music part .

WOW what a cool clinic!!! Thanks Boy for all the info and speaking with!! If you would like to contact Boy see all his information below:

Boy de Winter
Molenheidseweg 12
5451 HD Mill




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